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Best City To Live In Texas

Best City To Live In Texas

Find Out The Best City to Live in Texas

Texas is a resourceful State with amazing cities where you can settle. The available choices will split your heart when finding the best city to live in Texas. Among the things that you enjoy are job opportunities, diversity, and culture.

Most cities in this Lone Star State have vibrant industries with world-class universities. You are at liberty to settle in coastal cities and feast on the warm summer breeze. Depending on your preference, every city is unique to serve varying needs.

This piece has a list of the best modern cities to live in Texas. Let’s get started.

1. North Dallas

North Dallas is a famous city with a booming economy dominated by oil and gas industries. Besides, this city diversified to focus on services and technology. As a result, it is home to renowned brands. They include Intel and Samsung. Such provides good prospects to any job-seeker.

Besides, it has various recognized universities to cater to higher education. That could be the best place for you to stay if you desire to further your educational career. The weather depends on the ongoing season.

For instance, the winters are cool to mild, while cold spells are occasional. On the other hand, the summers are ever hot and humid. The hottest seasons lie between July and August.

The city is a safe place to be due to fewer violent crimes reported. There are good medical facilities to meet your health demands. The cost of living is low to support different categories of residents.

North Dallas is a historical and cultural capital. It has several museums for people to explore the rich history. Not to mention, many parks exist having natural and zoological attractions.

2. Frisco

Frisco is a humid subtropical region with more than 220 days being sunny yearly. July is the hottest month, while temperatures are lowest in January. The city tolerates cultural diversity, with the majority being whites and Hispanics. The median household receives $127,133 annually.

Suppose safety and wealth are your priorities, then why not choose Frisco. More importantly, Frisco is among the safest cities to live in due to low crime rates. It is also a place that promotes arts and culture. It has a collection of museums as a reservoir of history.

Frisco happens to be the home of different sporting venues. For example, Riders field is a ten thousand capacity seat stadium for baseball. In football, the National Football League promotes popular teams like Dallas Cowboys.

This city is a place of innovations and technological developments. That explains why the rate of employment is high. Therefore, it is the right place for someone who is looking for job opportunities. Some of the major employers are Amerisource, Oracle, and T-Mobile, among others. If you are planning to move to Frisco, the best real estate agent Frisco TX is here.


3. Prosper

Prosper happens to be a suburb of Dallas with a total population of 22 517. Most of the residents in this sparse suburb own homes. Proper is among the best city to live in Texas for a family. The highly-rated public schools are resourceful if you have school-going children.

Proper is a place where established business brands are flourishing. As such, it creates more job opportunities for the residents and newcomers. Also, the cost of living is affordable, making it favorable to support all classes of people. The median household income is about $ 146 733.

There is notable cultural diversity as it is a cosmopolitan place. The suburb hosts various people of different races and cultures. In addition, at least half of the population have college degrees.

One thing that many people scrutinize before settling is safety. We are carriers of good news that Prosper suburb is the lowest crime rates. It is, therefore, a suitable place to lice while believing that you are secure.

4. Plano

Plano is a beautiful city that one can never overlook when searching for the best city in Texas. It is an economic hub hosting successful companies like Toyota Motor or bank of America. There are booming business opportunities that are avenues for job creation.

Plano has beautiful sceneries such as parks and recreational centers. Some popular parks, such as Bob Woodruff, consist of giant trees that date as old as two hundred years. Oak Point Recreation Center is a resourceful place where you can unwind with your family.

This Republican-dominated suburb has top-rated high schools and colleges. Your school-going children will benefit from such resources as you live there. It has elaborate infrastructure consisting of both rail and road transport. The main airport that serves the residents is Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Plano enjoys a humid subtropical climate. The coolest month is January, while the hottest one is July. May is the month where average precipitation occurs. It is a suburb that has cultural diversity dominated by whites and Asians. One can opt to live in this place due to the lower crime rate.

5. McKinney

McKinney can be the right place to live if you are comfortable with a subtropical climate. Averagely, the warmest month is July, while the coldest one in January. May is where you expect rain to be at its peak.

With a population of 131,117 people, we can appreciate cultural diversity. However, the racial composition has whites who dominate extensively, followed by African Americans. The average income for the households is $ 69,220.

Just as Plano above, this suburb is a place of the business exploration. Among key employers are Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems and other corporations. Such business entities contribute to job creation to different people.

The main form of transportation is both road and railways. However, two airports provide services to the public. Besides, it has high-ranking private and public high schools. They cater to your educational needs.

Security is what defines this small town. McKinney is among the best small cities to live in Texas, with low crime rates. The city has friendly neighbors who are ever kind to one another.

6. Allen

Allen city has an estimated population of 84,246 people. The city enjoys diverse racial composition, with 65% of the people being whites. The average household income is for Allen city is $107,602. More so, the median household value goes at $251,405.

This city is within a subtropical climate featuring cool winters and long hot summers. Among ugly incidences was in 2008 where a tornado destroyed more than 50 homes. Schools and businesses are key employers of labor.

Allen has beautiful parks natural parks. Among the best parks to spend your vacation with your family is Glendower Park. You can visit recreational centers and participate in different games and sports. There 7500-seater multi-purpose arena to support different sports.

There are excellent transportation systems featuring roadways and freeways. Sadly, the rail system does not stretch into the city. Instead, the city relies on Dallas /Fort Worth International airport for air transport. Crime is at a minimal rate, making this city to be a safe place to be.

7. Celina

Celina is a small city with a population of 16299 people. It is a place of cultural diversity with boasting of various races. The characteristics of the area climate are mild to cool winters. However, this subtropical climate has features of hot and humid summers.

The low cost of living is the catch for most people who desire to live there. The average income for any household is about $37,383. In addition, there are several privately owned schools to serve your career interest.

Remarkably, these schools are good sources of employment for some of the population.

Better yet, there are different thriving businesses enterprise. Such also contributes to the job market greatly.

Celina has modern transportation systems dominated by both rail and road. The crime rate is at a reduced level, making this place to be safe for the residents.

8. San Antonio

San Antonio is the second populous city in Texas. It has a vibrant economy with large companies headquartered in the city. As such, the unemployment rate is the lowest at 3.1%. In addition, it has one of the best universities in Texas State. Among those institutions is the University of Texas.

San Antonio experiences 300 days of sunshine yearly. The temperatures soar in summer with low rainfall in winter. The right time to visit this city is during the late fall and early spring.

The city has excellent medical facilities to handle your health needs. Among the best hospitals in the Baptist Medical Center. In addition, the crime rate is low; hence you have a guaranteed safety when you live there.

In Summary

Texas is a great state in the US with various opportunities for various people. Many people long to live there and be part of the growing community. The only challenge is most people lack an idea of the correct city to settle.

The best city to live in in Texas depends on your priorities in life. One can decide to live where business opportunities are rife. Moreover, you can live where you desire to expand your educational career.

On average, several cities are available for you to meet your needs. We exhausted some of the well-known cities that will not disappoint. One should understand the characteristics of those before making a decision.