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Best Places to Live in Texas

Best Places to Live in Texas

The Best Places to Live in Texas For Families

Several choices exist when searching for the best place to live in Texas. In terms of livability, Texas becomes second to California. One must strike a balance between available opportunities and comfort.

Plenty of options exist for one to live and exploit the opportunities. Even so, different variables will dictate your choices. They include low taxes, local job market, crime rates, etc.

In this write-up, before Moving to Texas,  we will be assisting you in figuring out a suitable place to live in Texas

1. Houston

Houston happens to be a populous city in Texas with 2.3 million residents. It is the focal point of hip-hop culture hence promotes cultural diversity. Notably, this city is a big job creator hosting 26 Fortune 500 companies. An average household earns $ 51140 per year.

Interestingly, Houston is a space launching center. Such a facility announces it on the global map as a place of invention and innovations. This city has unmatched medical healthcare in comparison with other cities. More than 7 million visits this city annually.

2. Richardson

Richardson is among the best places to live in Texas for beginning families. The suburb has 110000 residents. The population comprises more than half of the adults with a bachelor’s degree. The cost of living is lower. An average household has an income of $ 80,000 annually.

The placement of this suburb is just next to Dallas. Crime is rare, making this Richardson among the safest spots in Texas State. The residents access economic and social amenities in the big city. The residents take advantage of the average prices of goods and services.

3. Plano

If you are an entrepreneur, then Plano is a perfect option for you. It is a suitable place to live as you run your businesses. Reputable enterprising brands such as Intel and Bank of America operate in this city.

Plano has the lowest crime rate, with a population of 275,645. In addition, the city promotes cultural diversity having 80 spoken languages. This city has top-rated schools and universities. One has no excuse for not advancing the career needs effectively.

4. Euless

Euless is a mid-sized city between Fort Worth and Dallas. It is among the best places in Texas to live. The total population is 53,000, with high numbers coming from Asians and Hispanics. One can expand the academic career courtesy of top-rated high schools and universities.

Euless is a home that promotes sports as it excels in golf. There is an aquatic park to offer a refreshing experience for outdoor enthusiasts. An average home costs $ 200,000 while job opportunities are high.

5. Austin

Austin is worth thinking about when looking for inexpensive places to live in Texas. The city has a strong job market as a result of profitable business opportunities. Several corporate companies have their headquarters there. In addition, it is a safe place to be since the crime rate is ever low.

Austin is a top-notch creative scene to unwind after work and during holidays. Additionally, the city has a big population which is shy of a million mark. There is cultural diversity where different people across the world live. Several institutions of learning are available to meet your educational needs.

6. Lubbock

As you look for the best places to live in Texas for young adults, it is hard to ignore Lubbock. More than 240,000 people live, with three out of ten possessing college degrees. This city has several schools becoming the biggest employer in educational jobs. The place fits the bill when one is looking to further a career in the educational sector.

The well-structured infrastructure supports quick transportation of goods and services. Few people commute for more than 60 minutes, making it rank favorably in the area. The crime rate is minimal, making it among the safest place to live.

7. Denton

One of the things that ring many people’s minds when mentioning Denton is education. This city is the home of a reputable institution like the University of Texas. In addition, it is a culturally vibrant city with a population of 141,541. One of the attractive points is the thriving art and cultural scene. Several festivals happen yearly.

Many residents work in the creative or tech industries. The average house goes at $ 265,000, hence affordable. Safety is at par with the safest cities in the region.

8. Pearland

Pearland is among the best places to live in Texas. One can benefit from vast job opportunities. The town hosts more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies. That explains why the earning rate is high at $ 95 972. Its location is a 15-minute drive from Johnson Space Centre.

Most of the residents in this town are golf lovers who play at city golf courses. This fast-growing suburb has various social amenities for your exploitation. There are more than 140 restaurants for your dining with several malls for your shopping.

9. Frisco

Frisco is the most desirable place to live, thanks to several recreational facilities. The suburb has affordable housing, with an average house costing $277,000. When education is the catchword, then its highly-rated institutions await you. Liberty High School, UNT New College and many other prestigious institutions make Frisco more attractive to students and parents.

Last but not least, Frisco offers many job chances. More than 250000 people live there. That is true due to many high-ranking companies that offer high packages. The town has several malls making it a shopper’s paradise. They consist of different races worldwide to promote cultural diversity.

10. McKinney

McKinney tops the list of best places to live in north Texas due to its job availability and economic growth. It’s a modern city that offers affordable housing, security, standard healthcare and good schools. New industries are flourishing in this city creating more job opportunities.

If you like to float or swim in raw water then you should consider moving to McKinney right now. Lake Chapman, Lake Tawakoni, Lake Texoma offers not only fresh air but also many water sports. You will find Pebble Beach Park just 30 miles from McKinney. To sum up, McKinney a historic downtown with cultural diversity and many natural resources.

In Summary

Texas is an exceptional state to live in due to a range of factors. Suitable places to live in Texas is not limited to these 10 cities. You may find other cities more suitable for depending on your needs and choices. Your comfort plays a critical role when you are looking for opportunities in this state. Some cities are better to stay around due to readily available job opportunities. North Dallas, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Allen, Houston, Prosper, and Celina are the best cities in Texas to land a job as fresher.

For an outdoor lover, look for a place with many recreational facilities. One can still settle for that town or city with better learning institutions. Such is helpful when you want to enhance your career. The best practice is to know what you want and match it with existing opportunities. If you need more information, Acquisto real estate is always there to help you with tiny details about Texas.