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Best School Districts in Texas

Best School Districts in Texas

Best School Districts in Texas : Find Nearby Schools

It goes without question that settling in Texas restores various benefits to you. For example, if education is the catch, then you can take advantage of various institutions. In addition, you can opt to take your children to study in the best school districts in Texas.

Texas State is popular for high job creation. You can opt to live there and tap these resources to improve your living standards. For a family person, you need to exploit the presence of nearby schools.

Several school districts exist in Texas with unique features. Go through this piece before deciding on the suitable one to meet your educational needs. The guide has the correct details that will enhance your understanding concerning the right school districts for you.

If unsure, the eight school districts listed below can still, be your perfect option.

1. Highland Park Independent School District

By opting to live in North Dallas, you will meet Highland Park Independent School District. The area is among the top school district in the Lone Star State. It is high-performing schools, making it favorable for many parents.

Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD) has four elementary schools. Other are a single high school, a middle school, and an intermediate. In 2017, HPISD ranked number three among 1200 school districts in Texas. This school district has a graduation rate of 98%. The teacher-student ratio is 15:1.

In general, this school district has seven schools and around 7000 students. Furthermore, it has 453 teachers, with over 84% of students being whites closely followed by 7% Asians.

The student-teacher ratio is 16 to 1. An average teacher salary is $ 56, 694 which is the highest among equals. The average cost per student is $ 30 090, where 66% goes to instructional while 32% met support services.

2. McKinney Independent School District

McKinney is a suitable place to live in Texas with your family. One can make use of its highly rated school district to advance a career. Grades PK and K-12 have a total student population of 24217. More importantly, this schools district enjoys a teacher-student ratio of 15:1 with an average salary of $55,278.

The test scores prove that 63% are proficient in math while 63% in reading. The graduation rate is 96%. It is one of the school districts in Texas that have high racial and economic diversity.

McKinney city is the best place to live and further your educational career. The cost of living is low justified by affordable housing. The median rent is $1,394, making it ideal for supporting your educational mission. While living in McKinney, the expenses per student are $12,698. A bigger fraction of this, which is about 64%, goes instruction.

3. Allen Independent School District

Such a school district is excellent in service delivery. They have all the necessary resources required to offer a better learning environment. In addition, one feels a sense of oneness by joining clubs, sports, fine arts, and organization.

The student-teacher ratio is 16:1 against a national of 17:1. In addition, the average teacher salary is $54,737. Beyond that, the expense per student $14,751, of which 61% goes to instruction. The support services will consume the remaining bit.

As a top-rated school district in Allen, at least 21577 students in grades PK and K2. The state test score indicates that 72% are proficient in reading while 76% excel in math. Mary Evans and Jenny Preston are the best elementary schools within this district.

When you choose to live in this area, you will encounter minimal costs. For example, the median rent is $1,487. That is within the agreeable range that allows you to channel the savings to other priorities.

4. Celina Independent School District

If you live in Celina city, you can never imagine seeking educational services elsewhere. Celina Independent School District has highly-rated public schools. The state score statistics indicate that 65% of students excel in math. Moreover, 66% of the students are proficient in reading.

O’ Dell El the rated elementary schools in this district. The average graduation rate is 99%. This school district has a remarkable student-teacher ratio of 15:1, whereas the national is 17:1. In addition, the average teacher salary is $48,056. Such makes it to be among the best paying school districts in Texas.

Celina city tolerates cultural and racial diversity, including schools. There are several medical facilities to cater for your health. The crime rate is low; hence this city is the best to live and study. More importantly, by living in the area, you encounter low housing expenses. Meanwhile, the median house rent costs $1,628. 

5. Frisco Independent School District (FISD)

Among the best School districts in Texas, the Frisco Independent School district takes the lead. But, remarkably, it takes the seventh position in the category of the best school districts in Texas. Grades PK and K-12 alone have more than 60,100 students.

This school district has more than forty elementary schools. Ashely and Nichols are the leading elementary schools in this area. About 75% of the student are proficient in math, while 73% excel in reading. The average graduation rate is at 98%, which is great.

This school district has a good student-teacher ratio which is 15:1. The average teacher salary is $53,572; hence it is the best paying school district in Texas. The expected expenses per student are $12,742. 65% of this goes to instruction, while 30% will take the support services.

Housing in this area is affordable. One should expect a median rent of $1,505. This pocket-friendly environment makes your living exciting as you can save more.

6. Prosper Independent School District (PISD)

When looking for the best public school district in Texas, it is hard to overlook PISD. All the students in grades PK and K-12 are 14348. The student-teacher ratio is at the agreeable level of 16 to 1. The state test scores are 69% proficiency in reading and 74% in math. The average graduation rate revolves around 98%.

Generally, Prosper Independent School District is a popular area in Texas. It takes the fourteenth position in the category of the best school districts in Texas. The leading elementary schools in this area are Jim & Betty Hughes and Steve Folsom.

This school district hosts students from all races and cultures. The average expenses per student are $17,526. Precisely, 63% of this meets your instruction costs, while 33% handles support services. In addition, the school district has various clubs and other sports activities to nature the students’ talents. Housing is less costly as the median rent is $1,497. 

7. Plano Independent School District (PISD)

Plano Independent School District (PISD) is one of the best school districts in Texas.

This populous school district boasts 53,057 students in both PK and K-12 grades. The student-teacher ratio is 14 to 1. Of this, 63% of these students have proficiency in reading while 65% in math.

The expected expenses per student are $13,183. Of these educational expenses, 63% will take care of instructions, while 32% handles support services. This school district offers the best teacher salary, where the average one is $55,592. Additionally, the graduation rate is at 95%, which is within the correct range.

This area has a prestigious high school where your students can attend. Among the leading academies are the STEM and the IB academy. Cultural diversity is what defines this school district as it has students from all races. Living there is cheap, thanks to the median rent of $1,514. 

8. Lewisville Independent School District

The area happens to be among the top-rated public school district in Texas. The state test scores prove that 58% of students are proficient in reading while 59% in math. The combined student population of those in grades PK and K-12 is 52,218.

Some of the best elementary schools within this school district are Bluebonnet and Castle Hills. The graduation rate is at 95%, while users of this school district prefer to join the University of Texas. The student-teacher ratio is 14: 1 against the 17 to 1 national one.

The student will encounter engaging classes as they prepare for the future. The average expenses per student are $10,318, which is cheaper. The breakdown of those costs is as follows. 63% of the expenses meet your instructions issue, and 32% go to the support services.

The living costs in this region are minimal. Houses are affordable, where the median rent is $1,210. 

In Summary

Texas State is a suitable place to live and study due to the vast resources that it possesses. There are well-known school districts that have a high rating at the national level. Such school districts have all resources that are needed to prepare the student for the future.

The cost of living is ever affordable. The median house is cheap, making one spend less on the rent. In addition, the student-teacher ratio is within the acceptable range; hence there is no congestion.

If you are working in this region, then your goal becomes easily fulfilled. Look around and discover the right school districts to meet your career needs. Better education is key to ensure you become relevant in this growing society.