Seller Resources

When selling your home, working with a real estate agent makes an immeasurable difference in enabling you to sell your house for top-dollar and keep the process stress-free. This page includes all our resources for our clients who are selling homes. Below you will find an overview of the home-selling process, and to the right you will find links in the sidebar with additional resources and downloads. Looking for buyer resources instead? Visit our page.

The Home Selling Process

Getting Started

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our practice of real estate to you. As you review this material, you will begin to understand that all real estate brokers and agents are not alike.

Initial Phone Call

We want to introduce ourselves and get acquainted with one another. We will answer all your initial questions and get you comfortable with how selling your home will work. Our honesty and market knowledge will help you determine what is best for your family. There are a lot of steps in the process but taking the first one gets you closer to your end goal.

Realtor Meeting

We will send you our detailed online questionnaire where you tell us all the great features of your home. We will then set up a meeting and bring an expected net sheet, Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), and discuss options to get you top dollar for you home.

Listing Preparation

Our home staging specialist will come over and walk the home with you and prep the home for the best possible photos and eventual showings. Professional photos, custom listing flyers, MLS uploads, lock box, and listing signs will also be completed.

Listing Agreement

Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) contract along with all relevant listing disclosures will be executed. This has all the relevant listing terms between the seller and Acquisto Real Estate and all necessary documents needed to properly market your home. Sample contract can be obtained from our office.

Active Listings

Showing a Quality Home

There is a very big difference between showing a “quality” home and a home just being lived in. We will help you understand the differences while understanding your need to still enjoy your life.

Seller Education

Your home should get an offer soon. Take some time and learn what will happen next. These key details will all come into play at closing.

Offer Acceptance

This makes it official. You are selling your home. There are many specifics to iron out on the offer. Our experience and market knowledge will ensure that we accept the best offer that is aimed to get the desired results for your family.

Under Contract

Contract Key Terms Meeting

Let’s take a moment and make sure we handle all the items in your contract properly. The timing of these is important. Please make sure you understand all the key terms laid out as you want and you are aware of your obligations in the contract. We will work with and appoint our dedicated transaction coordinator to guide you thru this step.

Home Inspection

It is typical that during the option period the buyer will schedule a home inspection to be conducted by a licensed individual/firm. Home inspectors use a common form to check each item in the home and supply a report with photos and notes on most items in the home.

Seller Repairs

Buyers typically suggest certain repairs be handled by the seller prior to close in form of a repair amendment. The home inspection will serve as the basis for any repair amendments. The repair amendment is designed to be an additional contract point that is agreed to by both parties in light of the items in the home inspection. It should be entered into with good faith by both parties and be completed during your option period. We will help you determine what is typical and customary of the seller to pay.

Contract Amendments

It is common to have multiple amendments beyond the typical repair amendments throughout the contract to close process. Closing dates may need to be extended, sales prices modified, leasebacks negotiated, etc. We will guide you with each modification to make sure your best interests are covered and you fully understand how this will affect you as a seller.

Closing Day

Closing Day Checklist 

This is a busy day. We are here to make this as smooth of a transition as possible for you. Please contact your transaction coordinator should you need any last minute assistance.


Records Retention

Best practice is to retain your complete closing package in an easy to access location. You may need it for a few things including tax preparations, or general reference. If something happens to your copy we do retain a copy for the required time length.

Ongoing Consultation

Closing does mean the end of the road with Acquisto Realtors! We want you to be our client and friend for life! We are here for you anytime you have any questions and are always here for you long after the sale! Before you do any updates, need to dispute your taxes or if you need any advice or have questions about anything Real Estate related, call us anytime!

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