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Moving to Texas : Top 10 Reasons You Should Know

Moving to Texas : Top 10 Reasons You Should Know

Top Ten Reasons to Consider Moving to Texas : What you should consider

Ever thought of moving to Texas? The puzzling thing about Texas is that many people would consider moving to this state. More than 560,000 people moved to Texas in 2019 and the number of growing population is increasing every year. What is the catch? Well, we will be generously sharing some of the compelling reasons why everyone is moving to Texas.

Texas State has diverse cities such as North Dallas, McKinney, Frisco, boasting beautiful cultures and friendly people. However, since the job market is expanding, Texas movers look for opportunities in several cities such as Allen, Prosper, and Celina, motivated by low living costs and affordable housing.

This guide carries the correct details that we believe shall be resourceful to you considering top 10 reasons to consider moving to texas:

1. Employment Opportunities

The most attractive aspect of Texas is the availability of job opportunities. Precisely, its economy is the fourth-largest in the world, with a gross state product of $1.8 trillion. Such a stable economy resulted in great job opportunities for thousands of people around the world.

Some of the pillars of the Texas economy are mining, oil, and gas industries. In addition, the information technology sector contributes to the economy significantly. Not to mention, Texas has the highest number of companies that appear on the fortune 500 list.

2. Affordable Housing

The shelter is among things to know before moving to Texas. Texas has affordable homes making it friendly to accommodate different classes of people. In addition, the rent rates are lower than national averages, making them attractive when compared with other thriving cities around the world.

Any Texas mover finds it easy to buy a home in the same state. Furthermore, it has safe cities to call home since security is the number one priority in this state. Cities like NORTH DALLAS, FRISCO, PLANO etc. make Texas more attractive to movers from California, Florida, or any other state.

3. No State Income Tax

Are you tired of the heavy tax burden? The answer is living in Texas, which is a tax-friendly state in the US. The state has no provision for the resident to pay any tax on personal income. Thus, it allows most Texans to save their money for other priorities in life like school tuition, vacations, or retirements. It sounds more like Monaco but it’s true.

Besides, Texas offers tax incentives for business people and encourages them to invest more. Such a low tax helps investors to flourish and contribute to this booming economy. If you are planning to start your own business then Texas is one of the best places to start.

4. Friendly Climate

Texas could the right state for you if you prefer warm weather with plenty of sunshine. You will not experience harsh cold and winter weather that makes you sick. While it is true that the summers are hot, you will experience mild temperatures with no snow in nine months. And most importantly, Texas doesn’t have any terrible period of weather in a whole year. It makes lives and assets safer there.

More importantly, this weather supports diverse vegetation and crops that are adaptive to the climate. Typically, most of the seasons are complete with dry heat or sticky humidity.

5. Abundant Outdoor Attractions

Texas State is rich with beautiful typography, which promotes the activities of outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, it has the most diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, mountains, deserts, flat plains, forests, and several national parks. 15 types of outdoor activities are very popular in Texas including Hiking, floating, fauna walk, and rock climbing.

For example, there is Big Bend National Park in Southwest Texas to allow tourists to explore. Beyond that, the state offers different ecosystems, such as Palo Duro Canyon, which doubles as the second-largest canyon in the country.

6. Top-Notch Educational Opportunities

Moving to Texas could be the right choice for you when you desire to pursue further education after completing high school studies. Interestingly, Texas State has more than 200 universities and colleges. It is noteworthy that this state has two best universities in the US, namely, Texas A&M University and the University of Texas.

This state is also a home of highly rated private universities and mid-sized colleges. Therefore, one never gets frustrated when looking for knowledge and skills in these institutions. And cost of education is also cheaper than many states.

7. Exceptional Sports Culture

Do you love sports? Texas is a great place that promotes various sports. Among the most favorite ones that many fans love to watch is football. The National Football League (NFL) featuring popular teams like Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys.

You will see crowds in the stadium and sports bars cheering their favorite teams. Several sports centers exit to allow residents to unwind and spend their free time fruitfully.

8. Friendly People

While in Texas, you will meet unpretentious people who are easy to intermingle with for mutual benefit. The residents show a high level of hospitality to both strangers and neighbors. One should not get surprised by meeting ever-smiling strangers who will wave at you cheerfully.

Notably, you should not get alarmed by meeting polite and kind people who exhibit contagious friendliness. When in need, you can approach any neighbor to offer you a helping hand towards any social challenge that you may be experiencing.

9. Delicious Foods and Drink

Texas has outstanding eateries where you can find the most delicious food and drinks. You can enjoy local delicacies such as chili, beef brisket, and Tex-Mek dishes. Although, they may not be the healthiest in every category but you can’t resist yourself from beef brisket in Texas.

If one wants to enjoy the favorite drink, you can access any restaurant and order one. Among the favorite beers are Dr.Pepper and Shiner Boch. More importantly, if you are not a fan of these drinks, other non-alcoholic and refreshing beverages are available suit your needs.

10. Diversity

Wrapping up our list is cultural diversity. Texas has a rich history of hosting different people of varying racial backgrounds throughout the state. Moreover, many thriving companies employ their staff across the globe who have unique race relations. And this is one of the main reasons many companies are moving to Texas.

As if that is not enough, Texas State is a home of Native Americans and European immigrants who have been expanding their influence in every corner. Then, one can meet the world’s most popular religions like Islam and Christianity to nourish your souls.

In Summary

The points listed above are proof that moving to Texas is gainful to you. There is low tax and affordable housing to allow you to save your income and channel it to other meaningful priorities in life. You are not alone if you prefer working in Texas since it has a booming economy to sustain employment.

At last, you have correct facts that could make you make an informed decision concerning moving to Texas state. By all standards, Texas is the right place to be due to its modern educational system that can empower you with the right skills to contribute to the modern economy. If you are interested to know about Texas and it’s vast untapped opportunities, feel free to contact Acquisto Real Estate any time.