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Small Business Week: Featuring Mike Acquisto

Small Business Week: Featuring Mike Acquisto

The entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the Acquisto Family. Mike’s grandfather Frank Acquisto began Acquisto Discount Groceries 35 years ago in Binghamton, New York. Growing up around his grandfather’s thriving grocery store taught Mike many valuable lessons and served as his business inspiration to someday own a small business of his own. Mike’s father, Michael Acquisto eventually took over the family grocery business and continued to carry on the family-run business.

Mike Acquisto’s Ivy League education led him to pursue a broker’s license in Texas and together with his wife Shana a business was born in 2001 as they opened Acquisto Realtors which eventually became Acquisto Real Estate. Prior to beginning their own real estate firm, Mike worked in mortgage lending and also commercial real estate. While Mike is usually the first point of contact that a client has with Acquisto Real Estate, he primarily works behind the scenes to run the day-to-day operations. He is a master at streamlining the business processes that Acquisto Real Estate utilizes and also works to find the most cutting-edge technology possible to better serve clients and make business dealings seamless.

Mike will be the first to admit that he has seen the high’s and low’s of the Texas real estate market while running Acquisto Real Estate. But no matter what the market threw at the company he is always proud of how he and Shana have built a family team of agents (no relation to the agents- but always considers the agents to be an extension of family). Additionally, Mike prides himself in how many homes the company has sold and how many clients they have been able to help through their real estate business. While Mike has many personal and professional goals, one that stands out the most is to create a legacy for their family in passing down the family real estate business to their three sons one day.