Stacey Hendren


Stacey is our absolutely amazing, dedicated Client Coordinator for Team Acquisto. Stacey is responsible for assisting clients with any questions, documents, and each and every detail from the start of their home search or sale, until closing. Stacey is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate process and has closed hundreds of files. Stacey will assist clients with collecting and distributing documents, obtaining missing signatures, processing paperwork, scheduling inspections, photo’s, repairs, final walk thru, utilities, closing disclosure preparation, scheduling closing, and much more. Stacey is only a phone call away and is your first call on any item once the contract is executed. All correspondence with Stacey via email is auto-forwarded to the brokers for review, so they are kept in the loop as the property progresses towards closing.

Contact Stacey Hendren

Stacey Hendren Phone: (972) 396–7512