Acquisto Think Tank

Acquisto Real Estate is hosting a monthly closed group mixer where extremely experienced local individuals related to the real estate industry can meet monthly to share ideas and best practices. The Think Tank strives to foster a difference making environment where new ideas and advanced concepts are explored.

Initial Goals:

  • Attract forward thinking creative thinkers from various industries to collaborate and grow their businesses.

  • Clearing house to exchange referrals and keep track of related point values given/received from networks.

  • Effect change in a positive direction for the local market with industry oversight groups.

  • Foster ideas to effectively compete in an increasingly technology driven business with new business models popping up consistently.


If you would like to attend you must be sponsored, invited, or apply for admittance.

If you are interested in participating to be a part of our Think Tank series, please contact Mike Acquisto at 214-334-8171 for further details.