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Buying a home is an exciting time, and we are honored to walk you through the process. On this page you will find all our home-buyer resources, including an outline of the process, helpful links, and downloadable files. Scroll through the home-buying process below, and visit any of the Additional Buyer Resources links more home-buyer information.

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The Home-Buying Process

Getting Started

Initial Phone Call

We will start the home-buying process with an initial phone call — we want to introduce ourselves and get acquainted with each other. We will answer all your initial questions and get you comfortable with a new home purchase. Our honesty and market knowledge will help you determine what is best for your family in a new home. There are a lot of steps in the process, but taking the first one gets you closer to your end goal.

Buyer Questionnaire:

Our detailed Buyer Questionnaire is where you, as the buyer, tell us exactly what you want in a home. It should take 15–20 minutes to complete. It is best for you and your spouse to complete together not only to get on the same page but to generate excitability about your home purchase.

Financing Approval

Acquisto Realtors is happy to provide a list of trusted lenders that provided our clients with top notch service at the best possible rates. See our Mortgage Help page for more information.

Buyer Engagement Form:

This form is our pledge to honor your family with strict fiduciary responsibility. It also pledges and secures our commission when you purchase a home. We start with paperwork done correctly without skipping steps and finish with a happy client in a new home.


View Homes: 

This is when the fun begins! We really enjoy showing off the great homes in the metroplex. We do, however, want to show you homes with a purpose. Please give us a minimum of 4 business hours to set up showings. We will show you the homes you found and a few we think you may like based on your feedback.

Refine Custom Saved Search

Please keep sending feedback on each home we send you. The feedback is used to refine your search and get you the perfect home for your family. Simply sending your realtor the notes in an email is perfect.

Buyer Education

We are good at finding your family a great home, but we are precise with the details and paperwork as well. It is very important that you follow our lead and complete this step promptly. These key details will all come into play at closing.

Submit Offer:

This makes it official. You are buying a home. There are many specifics to iron out on the offer. Our experience and market knowledge will ensure that we submit an offer that is aimed to get the desired results for your family.

Under Contract

Contract Key Terms Meeting

Let’s take a moment and make sure we handle all the items in your contract properly. The timing of these is important. Please make sure you understand all the key terms laid out as you want and you are aware of your obligations in the contract. We will work with and appoint our dedicated transaction coordinator to guide you thru this step.


This is most important of all steps. Let’s get on top of your loan promptly. Firm up everything with the lender with an updated closing cost estimated worksheet. There are timely items to complete with this section including loan required items and property specific items.

Home Inspection

It is typical that during the option period the buyer will schedule a home inspection and negotiate any repairs needed during this time. We strongly encourage a home inspection be conducted by a licensed individual/firm. Home inspectors use a common form to check each item in the home and supply a report with photos and notes on most items in the home. We encourage you, as the borrower, to attend. This report will serve as the basis for a Repair Amendment. Please take into account that any items that were readily visible at time of the offer or items that are simply not up to current building codes may not be repaired

Contract Amendments 

Contract Amendments are designed to be an additional contract point that is agreed to by both parties. It is common to have multiple amendments beyond the typical repair amendments throughout the contract to close process. Closing dates may need to be extended, sales prices modified, leasebacks negotiated, etc. We will guide you with each modification to make sure your best interests are covered and you fully understand how this will affect you as a buyer.

Closing Day

Closing Day Checklist:

This is a busy day. Allow us to make it a little calmer. Please contact your transaction coordinator should you need any last minute assistance.


Records Retention

Best practice is to retain your complete closing package in an easy to access location. You may need it for a few things including tax preparations, property modifications, hoa questions, or general reference. If something happens to your copy we do retain a copy per state law for the required time length.

Ongoing Consultation

Closing does mean the end of the road with Acquisto Real Estate! We want you to be our client and friend for life! We are here for you anytime you have any questions and are always here for you long after the sale! Before you do any updates, need to dispute your taxes or if you need any advice or have questions about anything Real Estate related, call us anytime!

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